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Checking if a string includes a specific substring

String includes: String.includes()

The includes() method in JavaScript is used to determine whether one string can be found within another string. This method returns true if the specified string is found, and false otherwise.


string.includes(searchString, position)

The parameters

  1. searchString: The string to search for within the original string;
  2. position(optional): The position within the original string at which to begin searching for the searchString. It is an optional parameter, and if not specified, the search starts from the beginning of the string.

Return Value:

The includes() method returns a boolean value:

  1. returns true if the searchString is found within the original string.
  2. returns false if the searchString is not found.


const str = 'Hello, world!';
const isWorldPresent = str.includes('world');
// Output: true
const isUniversePresent = str.includes('universe');
// Output: false

In this example, the includes() method is used to check if the string 'world' is present in the original string str. The first console.log statement outputs true because 'world' is found in the string. The second console.log statement outputs false as 'universe' is not present.

const str = 'Hello, world!';
const isWorldPresentFromIndex = str.includes('world', 7);
// Output: false

In the example above, the includes() method is called with both the searchString ('world') and the position (7) parameters. The position parameter specifies the index at which the search should begin. The console.log statement outputs false because, starting from index 7, the 'world' string is not found in the remaining portion of the string.

The position parameter is 0-index. For example for indicating the first character of the string you need to use the value 0 as position.

const str = 'Hello, world!';
str.includes('Hello', 1)
// false
str.includes('Hello', 0)
// true

By using the String.includes() method, you can efficiently determine whether a particular substring exists within a given string, providing a convenient way to handle string containment checks in JavaScript applications.