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Getting the network interfaces information

Network interfaces information: os.networkInterfaces()

The os module has the networkInterfaces() method to return the object that shows the information about the network interfaces available on the system. The object has multiple interfaces. Each interface has an identifier used as an object key attribute like lo0, en0, utun0, utun1 … etc. Each interface has an array of addresses. Each address is an object like this one:

address: '',
netmask: '',
family: 4,
mac: '00:00:00:00:00:00',
internal: true,
cidr: ''

Where address, netmask, mac, cidr are the address (ip address, mac addres) and netmask. The family attribute identifies the type of the ip protocol. The internal attribute is a boolean value, true if the address is remotely accessible.

import { networkInterfaces } from 'os'
const ni = networkInterfaces()
Object.keys(ni).forEach(function (key, index) {
// each interfaces has an array
ni[key].forEach(function (element, index) {
// selecting only family === 4 (ipv4 interfaces)
if ( === 4) {
console.log('IP ADDRESS: ' + element.address) // IPv4 address