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Some drops of JavaScript

"Some drops of JavaScript" is an open source e-book about JavaScript functions.

Open Source

This book is open source, meaning that both its content and the tools used for rendering the website are accessible. You can find it in the GitHub repository.

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We deeply appreciate your willingness to contribute to the open-source book “Some Drops of JavaScript”. Your efforts make a significant impact on the JavaScript community, and we’re grateful for your support. Collaborate

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Have questions or want to discuss your contributions? Join us on the repository issue section, where you can create issues but also create suggestions, and feature requests.

This book is about JavaScript Some Drops of PHP

JavaScript is a versatile scripting language with a wide range of applications beyond its primary use in web development.

Overall, JavaScript’s versatility and wide adoption make it a powerful tool for a variety of applications beyond web development, including command-line tools, desktop and mobile applications, and even game development.

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