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Getting all the object values

Getting all the values of an object using Object.values()

The Object.values() method gives you an array with all the values linked to an object’s properties.

const user = {
name: 'John',
age: 30,
console.log(Object.values(user)); // ['John', 30]


Object.values() is particularly valuable in scenarios where you need to search for specific values within an object

Consider a library of books. You want to find all the books by a specific author.

// Sample library of books
const library = {
book1: {
title: 'The Great Gatsby',
author: 'F. Scott Fitzgerald',
genre: 'Classics',
book2: {
title: 'To Kill a Mockingbird',
author: 'Harper Lee',
genre: 'Classics',
const libraryValues = Object.values(library);
function findBooksByAuthor(author) {
return libraryValues.filter((book) => === author);
const author = 'Harper Lee';
const book = findBooksByAuthor(author); // Finding books by "Harper Lee"
console.log(author, book);