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Getting the load average of CPU

The load average of CPU: os.loadavg()

The os module has the loadavg() method to return the β€œload” measurement information about the CPU usage of the system. The β€œload” measurement is calculated by the number of processes that are being executed by the CPU or in a β€˜waiting’ state.

The loadavg() function returns an array with 3 float numbers. These three numbers represents the average system load calculated over a given period of 1, 5 and 15 minutes

import { loadavg } from 'os'
const la = loadavg()
la[0], // last minute
la[1], // last 5 minutes
la[2] // last 15 minutes
// it returns: 1.59619140625 2.42822265625 2.60400390625

{quote} On Windows machine this functionality is not available, the method returns an array with 0 values, like [0, 0, 0]