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CPUs information

Info from CPU: os.cpus()

The os module allows you to retrieve some relevant information about the environment used for running your Node.js script or application.

import { cpus } from 'os'
const c = cpus()

The os module provides you with some methods. One of them is the cpus() that returns the list of CPUs available in your environment. For each element of the list (each element is one CPU), you have the model attribute that has the CPU model name (for example β€œApple M1 Pro”) and the speed attribute, an integer for showing the speed of the CPU. Then you have also times attribute for the times (in milliseconds) that the CPU has spent in these modes: user, nice (valid only for Posix systems, in Windows this value is always 0), sys, idle, irq. So, you can walk through the list of CPUs:

import { cpus } from 'os'
cpus().forEach(cpu => { + ' speed: ' + cpu.speed)