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Getting the portable end of line

The portable end of line: os.EOL

os.EOL is a constant in the Node.js os module that represents the end-of-line(EOL) marker for the current operating system. It provides a platform-specific string for the end of a line in a file or text stream. The value of os.EOL varies depending on the operating system:

This constant is particularly useful when working with text files or manipulating strings in a cross-platform environment. It ensures that line endings in files are appropriate for the platform being used, preventing issues with file compatibility.


Here’s an example demonstrating the use of os.EOL to write content to a file with proper line endings:

const os = require('os');
const text = 'This is the first line' + os.EOL + 'This is the second line';

os.EOL is used to ensure that the line breaks in the text variable are compatible with the current operating system, resulting in consistent line endings when the output is viewed in different platforms.