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Getting the path seperator

Path seperator: sep

The path.sep property is a platform-specific path segment separator used in file system paths. It provides a string representing the character used to separate directories or folders in a file path. The value of path.sep varies depending on the operating system.

This property is particularly useful when working with file paths in a cross-platform manner, as it ensures that the appropriate separator is used based on the underlying operating system.


In the below example, path.sep is used to concatenate the folder and file name with the appropriate separator for the current platform. This ensures that the file path is generated correctly regardless of whether you are running the code on a Unix-based system or Windows:

const path = require('path');
const folderName = 'documents';
const fileName = 'file.txt';
const filePath = `user${path.sep}${folderName}${path.sep}${fileName}`;
console.log(`File Path: ${filePath}`);
//Linux: File Path: user/documents/file.txt
//Windows: File Path: user\documents\file.txt
//Another example of creating filePath using path.sep along with join function
console.log(['user', folderName, fileName].join(path.sep));